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Cosmetic Breast Surgery

What is cosmetic breast surgery?

Breast Augmentation, Breast lift, and reconstruction come under the category of Cosmetic Breast Surgery. Cosmetic breast surgery involves several procedures that aim to change the shape or appearance of a breast. This may prove beneficial to women who may have lost their breast to weight loss or cancer.

Who needs cosmetic breast surgery?

Some of the most common reasons why women consider the procedure include:

  • Discomfort due to excessive breast tissue
  • Women who find their breasts to be small
  • Women who desire augmentation after breast changes during pregnancy
  • Asymmetry in breast size
  • Pain and nerve problems
  • Cosmetic problems

At BLK Aesthetic Surgery Centre, doctors offer specialised treatment after analysing the patient’s condition and symptoms. We also use the latest generation of FDA approved breast implants, as well as breast augmentation without implants.





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