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Limb Salvage Surgery For Tumors

Limb Salvage Surgery For Tumors Limb Salvage Surgery is conducted in case bone tumor or sarcomas. The aim is to remove the cancerous tumor along with effected bone and replace/reconstruct the limb with the help of metal implants, bone grafting or both. Here, at BLK Super Speciality Hospital our team of expert doctors ensure that the tumor is removed with minimal complications and to resuscitate full mobility of the limb.


There are two different kinds of procedures for Bone Tumors and Bone Sarcomas to ensure healthy recovery of a patient. At BLK, we offer best assistance to our patient with an experienced team of doctors. The procedure for both severities involves:

Bone Tumor: The first priority of a surgeon is to fully remove the malignant lesion and a part of normal tissue to further reduce the risk of low-grade tumors of bone. During the surgery, muscle, bone and other tissues affected by the tumor is also removed.

Bone Sarcomas: Bone Sarcomas or Soft tissue sarcomas are removed by limb-sparing surgery wherein the tumor, lymph nodes or tissues are removed. A 1 inch healthy tissue is also removed on all side of the tumor to further decrease the chances recurrence.

Radiation or chemotherapy may be advised post operation. The limb salvage procedure is conducted after the removal of the tumor and progress of the affected area.

After Care

Post-limb-salvage surgery care is utmost important and proper guidance is required. At BLK Super Speciality Hospital, we have a team of physical and occupational therapist who will assist you in regaining full mobility of the affected limb. The idea is to make a patient move freely, function independently and accept changes in body image. A patient may be given walker, brace, cane or other devices before they leave for home.

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