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Tympanoplasty Tympanoplasty is usually a Minimal Invasive Surgery which is conducted for the reconstruction of the eardrum which is also call a tympanic membrane and also for the reconstruction of the middle ear or Ossicles.

How many types of Tympanoplasty is available?

Tympanoplasty can be classified under 5 broad categories:

  • Type I- The procedure treats the tympanic membrane/eardrum.
  • Type II- This procedure reconstructs the eardrum and middle ear.
  • Type III- In this procedure, a surgeon removes the ossicles and epitympanum with issues like malleus or incus.
  • Type IV- The procedure is conducted to repair movable stapes foot plate and missing cura.
  • Type V- In this procedure, a surgeon repairs a fixed stapes footplate.

Why is the Surgery conducted?

The surgery for the eardrum is conducted if a patient has a perforation or hole in his/her eardrum. The surgery for the middle ear is performed to treat any damage to the bone chain of the middle ear.

What does the surgical procedure involve?

The surgeons can opt between the two approaches. In the first procedure, a surgeon can make an incision through the ear canal or by making an incision behind the ear and grafting the affected area. An ear surgeon can choose to perform the surgery either under local or general anaesthesia. Both the procedures are Minimal invasive procedures and are conducted within an hour’s time. A patient can be treated under day care as well.





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